Table of Contents: Lunch & Dinner Recipes

lunch and dinner recipes

sides, snacks & appetizers / salads / soups & stews / noodles, rice & pasta / sandwiches, wraps & burgers / main dishes  

chickpea magazine archives - snack recipes


pre- or post-workout quinoa cookies  (issue 3)

salt & vinegar chickpeas  (issue 4)

kelp crisps  (issue 8)

sourdough crackers  (issue 10)

potato chips  (issue 14)

french fries  (issue 14)

herb & chickpea flour crackers  (issue 15)

garlic knot cashews (issue 21: coming home)

maple rosemary almonds (issue 22: connecting)

cheese poppers (issue 25: family)

perfect fruit & nut mixes for snacking


garlic brussels crostini  (issue 3)

sun-dried tomato monkey bread  (issue 3)

squash bruschetta  (issue 5)

white bean asparagus crostini  (issue 11)

roasted garlic & rosemary hummus (issue 22: connecting)

baba ghanoush w sumac & dukkah (issue 22: connecting)

spicy roasted butternut squash hummus (issue 22: connecting)

garlic & herb pull-apart bread (issue 22: connecting)

smoky jalapeno pull apart bread (issue 22: connecting)

sweet & spicy sesame cauliflower wings


crispy baked sweet potato bites  (issue 1)

eggplant fritters w spicy vegan mayo  (issue 3)

fire-roasted red peppers w garlic & thyme  (issue 4)

roasted cherry tomatoes  (issue 7)

polenta (issue 13)

lemon mustard brussels sprouts  (issue 14)

slow cooker creamy scalloped potatoes & parsnips  (issue 14)

mom’s creamy dill mashed potatoes  (issue 14)

pumpkin seed potato gratin  (issue 14)

thai-style beet greens in coconut milk  (issue 15)

sautéed radish greens w breadcrumbs  (issue 15)

roasted garlic purple mashed potatoes (issue 22: connecting)

roasted winter vegetables w pomegranate & walnut salsa (issue 22: connecting)

maple roasted carrots w savory granola (issue 23: whole)

maple mustard roasted brussels sprouts (issue 25: family)

orange cranberry sauce (issue 25: family)

smashed potatoes w mushroom gravy (issue 25: family)

homemade holiday stuffing (issue 25: family)

green bean casserole (issue 25: family)

hasselback sweet potatoes (issue 25: family)

creamy sauteed greens

shredded sesame brussels

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chickpea magazine archives - salad recipes

*photo by natalie rae good

warm weather (spring/summer)

microgreen salad  (issue 3)

farm fresh radish & hemp seed salad  (issue 4)

farro salad w roasted red grapes, kale & swiss chard  (issue 4

fennel apple & carnation salad  (issue 7)

broccoli & chrysanthemum salad  (issue 7)

white bean, spinach & parsley  (issue 7)

fresh radish salad w pesto  (issue 7)

summer panzanella w preserved lemon dressing  (issue 8)

fried lemon zucchini noodle salad  (issue 8)

citrus wakame salad  (issue 8)

spring arugula salad  (issue 11)

whole grain salad w pickled ramps & ramp dressing  (issue 11)

stir-fried corn w basil & leeks  (issue 12)

quinoa & fava bean salad  (issue 12)

shredded brussels salad w peach shrub dressing  (issue 13)

gremolata fennel salad  (issue 15)

pea shoot & berry salad w mint & lime vinaigrette  (issue 15)

kohlrabi-mint salad  (issue 16)

shaved yellow doll watermelon salad  (issue 16)

summer sauerkraut salad w shaved fennel, blood orange & pistachio  (issue 16)


cucumber & dill salad  (issue 16)

pretzel-crusted tempeh salad w maple mustard dressing  (issue 16)

rainbow soba salad w sweet & sour dressing  (issue 16) 

soba noodle salad  (issue 19: scaling back)

trempó, a soaked Majorcan tomato salad  (issue 20: heading out)

lentil salad w green summer veg (issue 20: heading out)

tomato fruit salad (issue 20: heading out)

roasted summer veg salad(issue 20: heading out)

crisp & creamy sesame salad (issue 20: heading out)

warm grains & carrot greens salad (issue 20: heading out)

farro, mushroom, & grape salad (issue 23: whole)

homegrown harvest salad (issue 23: whole)

gado-gado (issue 24: international)

russian beet salad (issue 24: international)

shirazi salad (issue 27: identity)

spiced tofu w black beans and peppers

bbq cauliflower taco salad

fresh tomato salad

refreshing quinoa salad

watermelon radish salad

fruit & nut salad with cashew cheese

cool weather (fall/winter)

cabbage & quinoa tahini toss (issue 1)

chickpea salad w a mustard lemon dressing  (issue 5)

butternut, cranberry, avocado, and walnut salad  (issue 5)

roasted romanesco cauliflower w toasted pecans  (issue 6)

sweet potato falafel salad w tahini mint sauce  (issue 9)

beet & carrot slaw  (issue 10)

roasted pear & arugula salad  (issue 10)

sweet potato fennel salad  (issue 13)

orange-glazed raddicchio w pomegranate & walnuts  (issue 14

warm fingerling, pear, and arugula salad w maple vinaigrette  (issue 14)

toasted sesame beet slaw  (issue 17)

easy fall chop salad (issue 21: coming home)

black eyed pea & corn salad (issue 22: connecting)

taco salad (issue 22: connecting)  

citrus quinoa salad (issue 25: family)

nanna's salad (issue 25: family)

veg & greens farro salad (issue 26: mindfulness)

kale & orange salad

fresh lentil salad

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chickpea magazine archives - soup and stew recipes

*photo by marta dymek

warm weather (spring/summer)

gazpacho  (issue 5)

spring broth w daisies  (issue 7)

cold cucumber soup  (issue 8)

beetroot soup  (issue 8)

lettuce & mint soup  (issue 8)

raw corn & avocado soup w tomato pepita salsa  (issue 8)

heirloom tomato rasam  (issue 12)

fresh tomato soup  (issue 12)

carrot soup w carrot green & chive oil  (issue 15)

young beet greens soup  (issue 15)

chilled berry-beet soup  (issue 16)

hot & sour soup  (issue 16)

tomato broth  (issue 19: scaling back)

cucumber soup  (issue 19: scaling back)

minestrone w meatballs  (issue 19: scaling back)

spring vegetable curry  (issue 19: scaling back)

chilled beetroot soup (issue 20: heading out)

mango curry (issue 25: family)

summer curry stew w roasted beets

cool weather (fall/winter)

rosemary potato turnip soup w pesto (issue 3)

slow cooker asian corn cabbage soup  (issue 3)

katharine’s kick ass chili  (issue 3)

traditional stew  (issue 4)

creamy coconut-broccoli soup  (issue 5)

onion soup  (issue 5)

barszcz - clear beet broth  (issue 6)

ukranian barszcz - beet soup w white beans  (issue 6)

momma wolff’s chili & cornbread  (issue 7)

bao buns in miso (issue 9)

black bean sweet potato quinoa chili  (issue 9)

cauliflower mushroom soup  (issue 9)

abcq stew - alphabet pasta w quinoa & veg (issue 9)

squash & apple soup  (issue 10)

rich vegetable broth  (issue 11)

tomato & jerusalem artichoke soup  (issue 11)

onion & vegetable broth soup  (issue 11)

carrot soup  (issue 13)

rich mushroom broth  (issue 13)

polish bigos - hunter’s stew (issue 13)

saffron sweet potato soup w sage croutons  (issue 14)

lentil wild mushroom ragu  (issue 14)

grains & beans soup  (issue 14)

curried sweet potato & kale soup  (issue 14

creamy pumpkin soup  (issue 17)

immunity soup  (issue 18)

tomato pumpkin soup w sage and crunchy chickpeas  (issue 18)

parsnip cream  (issue 19: scaling back)

white bean & mushroom stew (issue 22: connecting)

chick'n & dumplings stew (issue 22: connecting)

curry stew (issue 22: connecting)

miso soup (issue 24: international)

minoru yonekawa's soymilk ramen w yuba & mushrooms (issue 24: international)

red lentil chilli (issue 25: family)

curry squash soup (issue 25: family)

waste-free veggie stock (issue 26: mindfulness)

chickpea noodle soup

edamame noodle bowl

spicy winter curry

four dollar pho

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chickpea magazine archives - rice & pasta recipes

*photo by eliza gladkowska

pasta & noodles

pumpkin rotini (issue 1)

butternut squash & fennel lasagna (issue 5)

creamy butternut squash rigatoni (issue 9)

bucatini pasta w butternut sauce  (issue 10)

sunny pasta salad  (issue 13)

butternut mac & cheese casserole (issue 22: connecting)

cherry tomato, basil & saffron linguine (issue 23: whole)

soba with dipping sauce (issue 24: international)

vegan cannelloni (issue 25: family)

sesame orange noodle salad (issue 26: mindfulness)

sriracha mac & cheese

supreme veggie lasagna

filled pasta/dumplings

sweet & spicy butternut ravioli  (issue 5)

lemon gnocchi  (issue 7)

hokkaido ravioli  (issue 9)

sauerkraut, potato, and buckwheat pierogi w basil & mushroom sauces  (issue 10)

kabocha ravioli  (issue 14)

siberian pelmeni (issue 24: international)

rice & grains

pancit canton  (issue 1)

risotto portobello  (issue 3)

red rice balls w gomasio  (issue 5)

creamy acorn squash rice  (issue 5)

cumin chickpeas & couscous  (issue 5)

oat risotto  (issue 9)

hokkaido risotto  (issue 9)

pumpkin risotto  (issue 13)

porcini risotto  (issue 13)

steamed edamame w rice & vegetables (issue 22: connecting)

pepes tahu (issue 24: international)

onigiri (issue 24: international)

sushi rice (issue 24: international)

casado vegetariano (issue 24: international)

pumpkin & mushroom risotto stuffed squash (issue 25: family)

grilled tofu rice bowl (issue 26: mindfulness)

fluffy rice (issue 27: identity)

ghormen sabzi (issue 27: identity)

steamed root veg on forbidden rice (issue 27: identity)

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chickpea magazine archives - sandwich and burger recipes


baked eggplant sliders (issue 3)

chickpea burger  (issue 8)

sweet potato black bean burger  (issue 8)

bbq seitan burger  (issue 8)

lentil burger  (issue 8)

portobello burgers  (issue 12)

beet burgers w smoky guacamole  (issue 12)

portobello burger & sweet potato fries  (issue 19: scaling back)

chickpea mushroom burgers & fries (issue 21: coming home)

freekeh veggie burgers (issue 23: whole)


tempeh satay spring roll w peanut sauce (issue 11)

greek salad spring roll w cucumber dill sauce  (issue 11)

brussels sprout spring roll w coconut-ginger mustard sauce  (issue 11)

turnip green rolls  (issue 15)

tempura sweet potato sushi (issue 21: coming home)

sandwiches & wraps

grown up PB & J’s (issue 10)

cucumber tea party sandwiches (issue 11)

marinated portobello sandwiches (issue 13)

cream cheese & cucumber finger sandwiches (issue 15)

mashed avocado on a bun  (issue 19: scaling back)

black bean wraps (issue 20: heading out)

smoked tofu sandwich (issue 21: coming home)

chickpea salad wrap (issue 21: coming home)

meatball sub (issue 22: connecting)

mustard pickle sandwiches (issue 25: family)

rainbow greens wrap (issue 26: mindfulness)

marinated mushroom sandwich with pesto (issue 26: mindfulness)

vegan egg salad

chickpea salad

vegan BLT

tacos & burritos

smoky sweet potato tacos w garlic cashew cream  (issue 16)

crispy potato burritos (issue 21: coming home)

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chickpea magazine archives - vegan lunch and dinner recipes

warm weather (spring/summer)

artichoke stuffed tomato  (issue 3)

pine nut rawvioli w italian guacamole  (issue 3)

white pizza w zucchini  (issue 4)

cashew ricotta pizza  (issue 6)

coconut zucchini fritters  (issue 8)

almond sea cakes  (issue 8)

zucchini dill pancakes  (issue 9)

grilled tofu w slaw & avocado  (issue 9)

calçots w salvitxada (romesco) sauce  (issue 11)

green yogurt curry w summer squash  (issue 12)

tempeh kebabs  (issue 12)

cauliflower socca cups w pea & mint pesto  (issue 15)

mini pizzas w spicy cauliflower leaves  (issue 15)

roasted white asparagus w wild garlic pesto  (issue 15)

boiled white asparagus w frankfurt green sauce  (issue 15)

tartines w cashew cheese, shaved vegetables & pesto  (issue 15)

mushroom & asparagus tarts  (issue 15)

sourdough pancakes  (issue 19: scaling back)

cashew quiche  (issue 19: scaling back)

bbq tempeh with mac & cheese and fried pickles (issue 21: coming home)

sate tempeh (issue 24: international)

blini with farmer's cheese (issue 24: international)

fatteh (pita, chickpeas & yogurt sauce) (issue 24: international)

spring greens pizza

rosemary & garlic asparagus tart

cool weather (fall/winter)

breaded seitan w grilled asparagus & mashed cauliflower  (issue 1)

stuffed heirloom peppers w roasted veg  (issue 1)

vegan pot pie w oyster mushroom gravy  (issue 1)

from-scratch vegan sausages w brussels sprouts  (issue 2)

purifying winter plate  (issue 2)

cheezy potato cakes w rocket  (issue 9)

savory acorn squash crepes w baked tofu & sage aioli (issue 10)

millet almond brussels tart  (issue 10)

millet stuffed sweet potatoes  (issue 10)

potato, kale & mushroom skillet  (issue 14)

maple-ginger roasted root vegetables  (issue 15)

grilled green beans w fennel & asian pears  (issue 17)

sweet potato gratin w thyme, chiles, and caramelized onion  (issue 17)

japanese-inspired bamboo & shiitake pizza  (issue 17)

beet green, snap pea & tofu stir fry  (issue 17)

maple-roasted root vegetables w tahini yogurt  (issue 17)

apple, cabbage & caramelized onion tart  (issue 17)

garbage plate (issue 21: coming home)

easy calzones (issue 21: coming home)

stuffed jalapenos (issue 22: connecting)

roasted cauliflower & chickpeas (issue 22: connecting)

wintry seasonal pizza (issue 22: connecting)

pakistani chickpea curry (issue 24: international)

stuffed vegetables (issue 25: family)

one-pan roast (issue 26: mindfulness)

kale & leek bake

fennel, apple, cabbage, onion & chard galette



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