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We sell directly to stores, cafes, boutiques, libraries and more. Whether you use our easy online shop or contact us directly to order, we're happy to work with you. Get in touch below to get access to our media kit & online shop.

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Our products go well with food and cooking items, paper goods, hand-lettered well-designed products, other indie magazines, health-related goods, and high-end home lifestyle goods.

Our issues do not include ANY advertisements, and since the beginning we've wanted to make something that lasts - so all of our issues are evergreen. We have a super long shelf life because our issues aren't like a regular magazine - it's more like a mix between a book and a quarterly, where you can go back to it again and again.

working with us


CONTACT US above or at to get wholesale access to our online shop, linesheet, media kit, and more.

GET ACCESS to our wholesale pricing via our online shop or through email - starting at just 3 issues for the minimum order, with additional discounts for higher amounts ordered. Pre-order for guaranteed delivery of our limited print runs.

UPDATES To make it easy, we get in touch as each new issue comes out, and if you request, we can make a recurring pull for each issue. Want to swap out issues when there's a new one out? We accept exchanges of undamaged copies.
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Get in touch below to get our work in your space.