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Ordering & Shipping

What forms of payment do you accept? Paypal?
We take any major credit card as well as PayPal and Apple Pay. We no longer accept American Express.
Why do you have pre-orders and how do they work?
Pre-orders are a necessity for us - without them, we wouldn't be able to pay our printer the large up-front costs of printing issues in bulk. They're great for you, too - you get a discount on your issue total and you're guaranteed an issue in our small, limited runs of printing.

How do pre-orders work? We set up a dedicated pre-order time for 2-4 weeks. At the end of that period, we get the issues printed, which takes about 4 weeks weeks. We then package everything up ourselves and send them out with lots of love, and packing tape.
Can I order from outside the US?
Yes, we ship worldwide! The shipping charge to your location will be calculated before checkout.

We cannot claim your item as a gift or change the value of goods on your customs slip. Customs fees are the responsibility of the person purchasing.

Since international shipping fees have been rising over the years, we have a few suggestions if you'd like to grab our issues!

• get multiple issues to make the most of the shipping fee - we even have discounted issue packs specifically for this here
• split the cost with a friend or two by buying multiples at once
check to see if there's an international stockist near you
grab our high-quality interactive digital copies
How do I order an item as a gift?
In the gift/order note box on the cart page, put your giftee's name and email address. If they're getting a physical item, like a print subscription, also include their mailing address.

You may still get a download email, but no worries - we'll update the order so that the right person (your giftee) receives it as well.
Where can I get sold-out copies of Chickpea?
Because we're an indie magazine, we print a limited number of issues, and once they're gone, they're gone for good.

Be sure to subscribe to make sure you can get an issue before it sells out, or check out our great digital versions of each issue.
How can I get your issues in my store?
Where is my magazine?
Because we're completely independent, and because we're just a two person team (including just a one-person team to complete each issue!) please understand that our schedule varies depending on each issue. Follow us on Instagram for constant updates about where we are in production, printing, and shipping. 

Issue 38: Ease The digital issue is up online, and we're raising money to print - keep up with us on Instagram (or check your subscriber club emails) for updates on printing and shipping as we go.
Issue 37: JOY All pre-orders and subscriptions for our Joy issue have been shipped as of late November 2023. 
Orders may take longer to ship from mid-November to the end of 2023 because of the holiday season, so just keep an eye out!

Our issues come out twice a year. We ship from our home studio once a week.

Excluding pre-orders - If you're in the US, orders should arrive between 3-8 days once shipped. If outside the US, expect your package in about 30 days, depending on slowdowns at customs.

For pre-orders - Be sure to follow us on Instagram here as we share every step of the production process, from making the issue, to printing and shipping. Once we put the issue up for pre-order, issues are usually shipped out approximately within 6 weeks.
How can I get help with my order?
You can contact support@chickpeamagazine.com for any questions about your order!
I need to change my address!
Please fill out this form as soon as you possibly can, or contact our customer service at support@chickpeamagazine.com.

We do not refund orders or send additional shipments for free if you give us the wrong address. Make sure before you order that you write the correct address, or fill out the form within 24 hours to correct your address. If you pre-order an issue or subscription, let us know as soon as you can if you're moving by filling out the form above. Once the package is shipped out, we can't alter the address!
Do you accept returns or do refunds?
We do not accept returns or exchanges for issues of Chickpea and digital files except in the cases where we made a mistake (ie. we sent the wrong issue, we wrote the wrong address, etc.)

We do not offer refunds on ANY digital product. If you'd like, we can upgrade your digital issue to a print issue - you'll just have to pay the difference. Please contact support@chickpeamagazine.com to help you out.

In rare cases, we will issue refunds if a physical item is damaged or lost in transit. Contact support@chickpeamagazine.com!

Digital Items

How do I download & use my digital item?
DELIVERY All digital items will be sent to you via email automatically after purchase. Digital subscriptions will be sent as soon as the newest issue is released.

FILE(S) Each interactive PDF issue ranges between 70-150MB. Because of the size, we recommend downloading on a home wi-fi network. (Some work/public wifi place limits on download sizes, which will block your download.)

DOWNLOAD Double check your email to ensure proper delivery. Once you click the download link in your email, it'll take you to a download page. Right-click/long press on the link(s) and select the "download to device" option. We recommend saving to a hard drive or cloud service (like Dropbox or iCloud) so you can access it on your own system. From there, open it in your favorite PDF reader. (Adobe Acrobat, Preview, Apple Books, etc.)

USING There are tappable/clickable links throughout each issue. Tap/click on articles that interest you in the Table of Contents to head to it. Tap/click on the Chickpea Magazine label on the bottom of most pages to get back to the table of contents. Tap/click on contributor links to head to their websites/social media.
I bought a digital issue thinking it was a print issue. Can I get a print issue shipped to me with my digital purchase?
Please be careful to see what you ordered before you charge it to your card. We label everything on our shop, so on the cart/checkout page, double check to see if you're buying either a digital-only copy or a print copy. It will show you what you're buying. We cannot issue refunds for digital issues.

If you'd like, we can upgrade your digital issue to a print issue - you'll just have to pay the difference. Please contact support@chickpeamagazine.com to help you out.
I haven't received my digital item(s)!
Be sure that the email you ordered with is the email you're checking. Check the spam box of your email client, or the "promotions" or "social" tabs. If you still can't find your download email, please email support@chickpeamagazine.com and we'll get it to you as quickly as possible.
Can I print your issues from my digital file, and/or distribute them?
Purchase of digital goods does not transfer ownership or give the customer the right to redistribute or resell. Digital issues may NOT be reproduced in print. The quality of our print issues is outstanding - instead of photocopying digital issues, which will cost similarly with a much lower quality, definitely check out our discounted pre-orders to get a deal!

Chickpea Club

What is the Chickpea Club?
The Chickpea Club is a subscribers-only free rewards platform, sort of like Patreon Rewards. You can be subscribed to the magazine digitally or in print and you'll automatically be added to the Club.

Once a month, you get an email with free, exclusive bonus content, usually around what the latest issue's about, including recipes, tips, wallpapers, mini-ebooks and guides, depending on the month.

In addition, you get access to our Close Friends content on Instagram and our Notion digital database of all of the articles, recipes, and DIYs from all the issues in your subscription.
I haven't gotten any of the emails, or I stopped getting the emails!
First, make sure you're currently subscribed. Check your email for your order info to see what issues are included. 

Next, see if you've received any emails from us in your spam inboxes - be sure to whitelist support@chickpeamagazine.com so that they don't end up there. 

If you're a brand new subscriber, be on the lookout - you should receive an email within the first four weeks of subscribing. If not, email us at support@chickpeamagazine.com so we can be sure you're subscribed to the Club emails! 

Rarely, but sometimes, we've heard from subscribers that their email has been unsubscribed, but we can add you back no problem - just email us at support@chickpeamagazine.com.
How do I access the issue archives?
We include links to the archives in every Club email we send out, so check there to get access. After heading to the link, there are instructions that'll help you navigate and get the most out of your issues. :)
How do I access your Close Friends content on Instagram?
On Instagram, message us with your name/email you used to subscribe to the mag. 

If your account is public, we can add you right away, and you'll see our stories with a green circle around them as we post.

If your account is private, we'll send you a friend request - when you've accepted the request, message again letting us know and we can add you to our Close Friends list.
When does my access start/end?
Within the first four weeks of when you first subscribe, we'll add you to the Club mailing list and you'll receive your first email, with access to all of the rewards.

New content will be added to the archives each month, and with each issue of your subscription.

Your access will end if/when you don't resubscribe. For example, if your subscription ends with issue 39 - as soon as issue 40 comes out online, your Club membership will end and you lose access to the archives, Close Friends, and monthly emails.


What is your privacy policy?
We will never sell your name, email address, mailing address, or any other personal information to third parties for any reason. The only time your address will be given out to a third party will be for fulfillment purposes, normally directly to the United States Postal Service. If we ever use a fulfillment company we will make sure any personal information transmitted is respected and not sold to a third party.
Can I pitch an article/piece for an issue of Chickpea?
We only accept pitches and submissions here at our "work with us" page.

Do not email us with submissions.

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