Easy Spring Rolls with Tahini Sauce

Warm weather is finally here in the cold North, so I wanted to make some spring rolls. I love these because they barely require a kitchen (we made a ton during our kitchen renovation), they can use a variety of leftover ingredients, and you can eat a bunch of them for...

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Herbal Chai Tonic & Review of Tonic by Tanita de Ruijt

Tonic is a book all about the medicinal value of ingredients. It’s mostly based on Jamu, a traditional Indonesian medicine that de Ruijt learned about when visiting an organic farm in Bali. She now owns Jamu Kitchen, a tonic supplier around South London.  Let’s talk about the look of this book...

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Vegan Chick-fil-A & Our Edgy Veg book Review!

I love, love queueing up a long list of Youtube cooking videos to play in the background while I’m cooking, especially on long recipe testing days. Edgy Veg is one of the regulars on these cooking playlists, so I was really excited to check out their first cookbook. As a...

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Chocolate Caramel Slice (and book review!)

When I saw this new cookbook by Nicole Maree, I was super excited because she was a contributor in our 15th issue - so I had to check it out. The concept behind the book is admirable, being that it’s all about replacing potential allergens in baked goods. Not only...

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15 Minute Satay Noodles (15 Minute Vegan Review!)

A new vegan cookbook with a concept similar to 30 Minute Meals? Fifteen-year-old Food-Network-obsessed me was instantly drawn to this book, but then it really sealed the deal with its opening photo of whole vegetable tempura. Fifteen minute tempura after a long day of work? We’ll see. Like most vegan books,...

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