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Want to have your work in Chickpea this year?

We look for personal, genuine writing, photography, and illustration from all levels of expertise. You don't have to be a professional to work with us - in fact, we encourage those that aren't pros to apply. We want our work to be from the heart.
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Themes 2017-2018

issue 25: family • proposal deadline 7/7

issue 26: mindfulness • proposal deadline 9/15

issue 27: identity • proposal deadline 1/30

What we look for

We accept ideas for articles, DIYs, interviews, personal stories, tips & guides, photo stories, and recipes.

Our content goes into veganism, food, activism, environmental issues, minimalism, consumerism, human rights, animal rights, organization, home topics, and much more.

We are NOT a news magazine - we do not cover news. We don't like to make health claims and we don't believe in sharing too much in "veganism for health" first. We don't publish fiction or poetry. As an ad-free independent magazine, we don't promote specific products as a feature.

We get a lot of recipe submissions! If you want a much higher chance of getting in one of our issues, try to come up with a full feature, not just a single (or a few) recipes. Add in aspects of personal stories, tips, guides, or whatever else you think might work with your recipe ideas, beyond just "recipes."

PLEASE NOTE: We WILL NOT promote your restaurant, business, blog, podcast, product, event, group, personal brand, etc. We are a completely independent evergreen magazine, with ZERO ads. DO NOT SEND US a "pitch" that's just you asking us to promote your product. If you send us a great idea for an actual article or recipe, we'll gladly promote your work. But PLEASE, don't expect us to just spam our readers with random links to your Kickstarter - we do not run that kind of content.

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Illustrators & photographers

We're always looking for illustrators & photographers to work with us on pieces - by submitting your portfolio, we'll put your name in our records so we can contact you when we think you might be great for a specific feature.

If you're a food blogger who wants to work for us as a photographer - please try sending in your ideas through the features form before applying as a photographer. We don't hire food photographers very often, and if you have writing experience in any way, you'll have much more luck in sending us an idea for a feature.

Submit your work as an illustrator/photographer here

What you get in return

We pay per word, per recipe, and per pages of imagery, and you'll also receive a free print copy of the issue you're in. As we're a 100% ad-free, small-press magazine, we're not millionaires here, but we do believe in valuing people's work. 

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