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dessert recipes
basics / pies, crumbles, cheesecakes, tarts / cake & cupcakes / cookies & small bites / bars / puddings & mousses / frozen



 chickpea magazine archives - dessert basics


*photo by sophia real
vanilla extract (winter 2012)
spice-kissed candied orange peel (winter 2012)
flax seed meringue (spring 2014)
vanilla bean marshmallows (spring 2014)
candied nuts (summer 2014)
coconut whipped cream (summer 2014)
candied herbs (winter 2014)
simple vanilla icing (winter 2014)
vanilla applesauce (fall 2015)
coconut butter (winter 2015)
coconut vanilla frosting (winter 2015)


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chickpea magazine archives - pie and cheesecake recipes


almond fig galette (fall 2011)
hazelnut liquered pear & cherry crumble (fall 2011)
blueberry cheesecake w strawberry balsamic sauce (summer 2012)
apple hand pies (fall 2012)
raw apple pie (fall 2012)
gluten-free apple blackberry pie (winter 2012)
mincemeat pie (winter 2012)
blueberry mandala pie (summer 2013)
blueberry swirl cheesecake (summer 2013)
tartes aux fruits (summer 2013)
mini peach basil tarts w summer berries (summer 2013)
peanut butter banana stuffed apples (fall 2013)
grilled strawberry rhubarb crumble w maple & olive oil granola and vanilla cashew cream (summer 2014)
grilled peaches & coconut maple ice cream w maple glazed walnuts (summer 2014)
grilled rosemary figs w salty pine nuts (summer 2014)
apple strudel (winter 2014)
apple rosemary frangipane tart (winter 2014)
fig tarte tatin (winter 2014)
apple blackberry pie (winter 2014)
poached pears in sweet red wine (spring 2015)
frangipane tart (spring 2015)
raw blueberry & cream tart (summer 2015)
strawberry rose rhubarb galette (summer 2015)
no-bake apple pie (summer 2015)
coconut-vanilla millet cheesecake (summer 2015)
chocolate cheesecake (summer 2015)
roasted beet & strawberry cobblers (fall 2015)
chocolate macaroon tart (winter 2015)


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chickpea magazine archives - cake recipes


red velvet cake w buttercream frosting (fall 2011)
'egg”nog cupcakes (winter 2011)
gingerbread house cupcakes (winter 2011)
hot cocoa cupcakes (winter 2011)
vintage-inspired orange cake (winter 2011)
oregano chocolate cupcakes (spring 2012)
bourbon chocolate cake pops (winter 2012)
vanilla cupcakes w chocolate ganache (winter 2012)
smores chocolate cake (spring 2013)
lemon bundt cake & rosewater glaze (spring 2013)
green tea garden party cake (spring 2013)
maple blueberry cake (spring 2013)
strawberry shortcake (spring 2013)
plaumenkuchen (summer 2013)
caramel-filled hazelnut cupcakes (fall 2013)
mini carrot cake (winter 2013)
sourdough cranberry & hazelnut kringle bread (winter 2013)
sourdough gingerbread bundt (winter 2013)
gluten-free raspberry chocolate chunk buckwheat bundt (spring 2014)
gluten-free mint vanilla bean layer cake (spring 2014)
gluten-free olive oil cornmeal crumb cake w mango & cardamom (spring 2014)
orange pumpkin cake (fall 2014)
vanilla peach shrub cupcakes (fall 2014)
boozy spelt christmas cake (winter 2014)
chocolate & mint cupcakes (winter 2014)
coconut & rosemary vanilla cake (winter 2014)
lemon drizzle cake (spring 2015)
layered berry & vanilla cake w lavender filling (spring 2015)
rosemary citrus olive oil cake (winter 2015)
parsnip polenta cake (winter 2015)
apricot pistachio cake  (summer 2016)
chocolate zucchini cake  (fall 2016)
boston creme cupcakes  (fall 2016)
cherry root beer cupcakes  (winter 2016)
chocolate orange cake  (winter 2016)
apple pecan pull apart bread  (winter 2016)


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chickpea magazine archives - cookie recipes


gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (winter 2011)
gluten-free ginger almond spice cutout cookies (winter 2011)
gluten-free peanut butter cookies (winter 2011)
gluten-free molasses cookies (winter 2011)
spring cutout cookies with naturally colored icing (spring 2012)
raw mint chocolate fudge cookies (summer 2012)
raw chocolate chip cookie dough truffles (summer 2012)
strawberry thumbprint cookies (fall 2012)
almond cookies (winter 2012)
carob devil dogs (spring 2013)
almond butter oatmeal cookies (winter 2013)
chewy cashew cookies (spring 2014)
kourabiedes - orange blossom almond cookies (spring 2014)
lavender shortbread (spring 2014)
chamomile cookies (spring 2014)
pistachio rosewater biscotti (spring 2014)
lady grey tea cookies (spring 2014)
strawberry matcha newtons (summer 2014)
gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (fall 2014)
georgia street slices (winter 2014)
gluten-free thumbprints w fig preserves (winter 2014)
chocolate cream drops (winter 2014)
ginger sugar cookies (winter 2014)
cocoa olive oil cookies (winter 2014)
crispy cocoa power balls (winter 2015)
gingerbread shortbread (winter 2015)
brown sugar cookies  (winter 2016)
chocolate truffles  (winter 2016)


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chickpea magazine archives - bar recipes


chocolate stout brownies (fall 2012)
whiskey pretzel blondies (fall 2012)
kalterhund (winter 2012)
grapefruit bars (winter 2012)
dark chocolate fudge w pistachios & cranberries (winter 2014)
gluten-free pecan pie bars (fall 2015)
rhubarb rose flapjacks  (summer 2016)
chocolate peanut butter rice krispie treats  (winter 2016)


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chickpea magazine archives - pudding and mousse recipes


rose & coconut mousse (spring 2013)
cauliflower pudding w bitter chocolate (summer 2013)
roasted red bell paprika kisiel (summer 2013)
chocolate mousse vanilla créme parfait (winter 2013)
menjar blanc (spring 2014)
dark chocolate mousse (spring 2014)
mango turmeric yogurt & chia pudding (summer 2014)
coconut almond pannacotta w almond brittle (winter 2014)
orange chocolate chia pudding (spring 2015)
tapioca (spring 2015)
berry peach trifle (summer 2015)
coconut rice pudding (spring 2016)


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chickpea magazine archives - frozen dessert recipes


minty melon popsicle (summer 2012)
black cherry plum popsicle (summer 2012)
roasted plantain creamsicle (summer 2012)
matcha peach popsicle (summer 2012)
key lime pie creamsicle (summer 2012)
pumpkin spice creamsicle (summer 2012)
lemon vodka gimlet popsicle (summer 2012)
pomegranate pink peppercorn popsicle (summer 2012)
raspberry hibiscus popsicle (summer 2012)
blackberry merlot popsicle (summer 2012)
strawberry fudgesicle (summer 2012)
dream blueberry creamsicle (summer 2012)
coconut creamsicle (summer 2012)
beet & meyer lemon sorbet (winter 2012)
white apricot blueberry sorbet (summer 2013)
basil-rosemary peach sorbet (summer 2013)
carragheen moss & elderflower frozen yogurt (summer 2013)
green pea ice cream (summer 2013)
cloudberry ice cream (fall 2013)
vanilla caramel ice cream (fall 2013)
vanilla bean ice cream (summer 2014)
beet cherry ice cream (spring 2016)


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