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chickpea magazine archives - DIYs

 *photo by tara pelletier

DIY house cleaners (Issue 7)

DIY candle holder (Issue 9)

DIY sugar scrubs (Issue 11)

DIY deodorant (Issue 12)

let’s ferment! (Issue 12)

kitchen beautician: 3 DIY body care recipes (Issue 14)

herbal steam (Issue 15)

peach & turmeric face scrub (Issue 15)

tea-stained stationery (Issue 18)

peppermint tea bath (Issue 18)

green tea scrub (Issue 18)

onion-skin dye (Issue 18)

flowery fizzy bath bombs (Issue 18)

bath tea (Issue 18)

floral & fresh jojoba body oil (Issue 19)

peppermint lip scrub (Issue 21)

galaxy jar (Issue 21)

star wind chime (Issue 21)

simmer pot (Issue 21)

bath soak (Issue 21)

face mist (Issue 21)

yoga mat spray (Issue 21)

rollerball perfume (Issue 21)

clay mask (Issue 21)

room spray (Issue 21)

salt scrub (Issue 21)

a guide to soap-making (issue 23: whole)

easy coconut milk soap (issue 23: whole)

shea butter soap w foraged flowers (issue 23: whole)

3 ways to make your own clay pots (issue 23: whole)

diy crackling candles (issue 26: mindfulness)

clean up your cleaning act: diy cleaners (issue 26: mindfulness)

diy toothpaste (issue 26: mindfulness)

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chickpea magazine archives - how tos

*photo by tiffany noe

daily life

packing a vegan lunch (Issue 1)

summer skin survival (Issue 8)

time-saving tips in the kitchen (Issue 15)

stocking summer produce (Issue 16)

5 tips for vegan dining out (Issue 17)

5 ways to use tea this winter (Issue 18)

winter movement & vegan power snacks (Issue 18)

curating a conscious beauty bag (Issue 19)

learning to disconnect (Issue 19)

reducing plastic, piece by piece (Issue 19)

the ins & outs of meal planning & prepping (Issue 21)

mindful spending: saving cash as a vegan (issue 26: mindfulness)

a zero waste grocery guide (issue 26: mindfulness)

eating well, living better (issue 27: identity)

community & relationships

creating vegan communities (Issue 5)

host an awesome vegan cocktail party (Issue 6)

dating an omnivore as a vegan (Issue 9)

gluten-free entertaining (Issue 10)

veganize your 9-5 (Issue 13)

planning the perfect vegan soiree (Issue 14)

plan your perfect vegan wedding (Issue 15)

hosting made easy (Issue 21)


more than just rabbit food: how to get greens in a raw diet without resorting to salads (Issue 5)

winter picnic tips (Issue 10)

grown-up PB & J’s (Issue 10)

diy ice cream sundae bar (Issue 12)

wine pairing 101 (Issue 18)

eating intuitively with food constraints (issue 26: mindfulness)

how we use pinterest to eat better

how to eat more vegetables

10 ways to effortlessly drink more water 


soups: spectacular simplicity (Issue 3)

homemade sodas (Issue 4)

no such thing as bad pizza (Issue 4)

non-dairy milks: a complete guide (Issue 7)

make your own hard apple cider (Issue 9)

vegan meringue (Issue 11)

gluten-free cakes (Issue 11)

spring rolls (Issue 11)

fermentation, a study (Issue 12)

let’s ferment! (Issue 12)

campfire cucina: prepare the ultimate toolkit for discovering local food on the road (Issue 13)

cold-weather spices (Issue 13)

heirloom holidays: making your family cookie recipes vegan & gluten-free (Issue 14)

baking bread (Issue 14)

heirloom holidays: turning cookie classics vegan & gluten-free (Issue 14)

getting started with fermentation (issue 23: whole)

the easiest vegan holiday dinner ever (issue 25: family)

cooking for an inter-dietary family (issue 25: family)

one prep, many meals

how we learned to cook

foods we always have prepped

how we stock a vegan kitchen

how learning to cook changed my life

how to create a meal plan

how to make cooking fun again


grow sprouts & microgreens (Issue 3)

breaking frozen ground: how to prep for a vegetable garden (Issue 11)

how to grow (and eat!) your own edible flowers (issue 23: whole)

grow your own kitchen (issue 23: whole) 

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