one prep, many meals

It’s kind of amazing how little I had to do to create a whole week’s worth of lunches (and a couple dinners!) by just prepping a few ingredients.

I had a little extra time on Monday, so I made an extra large version of my lunch, and stored the base ingredients to use throughout the week. I made:

  • spicy cashew cream
  • (premade) seitan with peppers & onions
  • sweet potato (cut 1 giant potato into quarters and boiled them)
  • freekeh (but any grain would work!)

And added the rest of a can of black beans to my stack of prepped food.

Throughout the week I added in different elements from the fridge, but the longest parts of the prep were done. If I don’t already have grains or potato cooked for a meal, I find it so hard to figure out what I want to make. They usually take a long time to cook and take up valuable stovetop space. These basic pieces turned into these meals for us this week!

super easy vegan lunches super easy vegan lunches super easy vegan lunches

day one

This was the meal where I prepped everything, and set aside what I had left. I made a giant salad with each component, chopped lettuce, chopped cucumber (the last bit we had left!), and spicy sauerkraut.

day two

I really wanted a savory breakfast, so I scrambled the seitan with the black beans and some tofu. I paired the scramble with some of the freekeh and topped it with leftover green onions.

day three

A late breakfast/early lunch. I ate the scramble, some freekeh, cashew cream, and sweet potato together.

super easy vegan lunches super easy vegan lunches

day four

(Pictured at the top of the post.)I wanted to use up the rest of the lettuce I bought earlier in the week, so I made another big salad. This one included the sweet potato, black beans, and freekeh, with chopped lettuce and the last vegan chicken patty (Wegmans brand) that I cut up & browned on the stove. 

day five

After running out of seitan and vegan chicken, I decided to make another protein. I seared some chopped tempeh in spices and coated it all in barbeque sauce to make it really sticky. I scrambled some black beans & tofu together, then paired it with freekeh and the last bit of sweet potato. Just for fun, I drizzled it all in some vegan ranch. (If I had more cashew cream, that would’ve been perfect there!) This made enough for two of us for dinner. 

day six

I finally got to the last bit of all the food I had prepped. I mixed together the freekeh, tempeh, and black bean & tofu scramble together for a late breakfast/lunch.

easy meal prep

There are even more combinations I could’ve done, but these were what I did during a super busy week. Normally I would’ve just eaten lots of cereal and tortilla chips and called it “good” so this was a really amazing week of quick eats for me. 

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