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breakfast recipes

weekend breakfast / savory breakfast / baked / granola & bars / oats & grains


chickpea magazine archives - weekend breakfast recipes

teff pancakes  (issue 5)

pumpkin chai french toast  (issue 5)

'egg'nog french toast w cranberry compote  (issue 6)

momma b’s buttermilk pancakes  (issue 7)

sweet apple pie cinnamon crepes (issue 10)

butternut pancakes  (issue 10)

vegan crumpets (issue 11)

chai-spiced oatmeal pie  (issue 11)

peanut butter pancakes  (issue 15)

banana sunshine pancakes  (issue 19: scaling back)

gluten-free oatmeal waffles for one  (issue 19: scaling back)

pumpkin waffles (issue 21: coming home)

buckwheat pancakes w maple peanut butter (Issue 22)

buckwheat waffles

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chickpea magazine archives - savory breakfast recipes

*photo by yuki kho

tofu scramble w whole roasted tomatoes (issue 1)

healthy hash browns & collards  (issue 3)

chicken & waffles  (issue 3)

spanish chickpea flour omelette  (issue 5)

scrambled tofu w chanterelle mushrooms  (issue 13)

perfect vegan omelet  (issue 15)

avocado-radish toast  (issue 16)

cold kraut on dark rye w apple & agave (issue 16)

sweet potato hash (issue 21: coming home)

high-protein savory scramble (Issue 22)

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chickpea magazine archives - vegan baked good recipes

*photo by jodi kay

apple pie explosion bread (issue 2)

leftover 'egg”nog muffins  (issue 2)

lussekatter - st. lucia buns  (issue 2)

cherry corn scones  (issue 3)

tropical blueberry banana bread  (issue 3)

vanilla scones  (issue 9)

soft stuffed date breads  (issue 9)

hokkaido cinnamon rolls  (issue 9)

ginger & spice poached pear buns w vanilla cashew cream  (issue 14)

classic scones  (issue 15)

swedish coffee bread  (issue 17)

dark chocolate donuts  (issue 17)

maple pumpkin donuts  (issue 17)

banana oatmeal donuts  (issue 17)

banana bread  (issue 18)

whole wheat banana power bites  (issue 18)

coffee cake (issue 21: coming home)

banana chocolate chip muffins (Issue 22)

pumpkin spice donuts with granola topping (issue 25: family)

maple chai banana bread (issue 25: family)

cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing (issue 26: mindfulness)

easy, versatile muffins for weekday mornings (issue 26: mindfulness)

waste-free muffins (issue 26: mindfulness)

mom's zucchini muffins/bread

blueberry banana muffins

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chickpea magazine archives - granola bar recipes

*photo by margo page

peanut butter granola bars  (issue 2)

almond date coconut lemon bars  (issue 5)

gluten-free chocolate raspberry granola bars  (issue 11)

sunflower granola  (issue 13)

gluten-free granola  (issue 15

chocolatey breakfast bites (issue 26: mindfulness)

maple cookie butter granola

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chickpea magazine archives - oat breakfast recipes

carrot cardamom oatmeal  (issue 2)

slow cooker vanilla fig oatmeal  (issue 2)

slow cooker lemon raspberry cheesecake oatmeal  (issue 2)

ginger & cinnamon oatmeal  (issue 9)

whole grain porridge w rhubarb & blood orange compote  (issue 11)

apple cinnamon pecan oatmeal  (issue 13)

overnight oats (Issue 22)

mix & match overnight oats for all (issue 26: mindfulness)

blended chia pudding bowl (issue 27: identity)

chia pudding

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