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chickpea magazine archives - city guides

*photo by drew tyndell

city guide: bloomington, indiana  (issue 5)

old south, new flavor: stops in atlanta, chattanooga, & nashville  (issue 8)

portland, OR city guide (issue 9)

philadelphia, PA city guide (issue 10)

orlando, FL city guide  (issue 12)

a restaurant guide by the vegan chefs of NYC  (issue 13)

manchester, england  (issue 14)

houston TX restaurant guide (issue 16)

seattle, WA  (issue 17)

toronto (issue 18)

vegan fast food in the US  (issue 20: heading out)

catskills & woodstock NY  (issue 20: heading out)

our vegan guide to rochester NY

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chickpea magazine archives - product guides

*photo by margo page

etsy guide  (issue 1)

etsy guide  (issue 2)

etsy guide  (issue 3)

cocktails gone vegan (issue 10)

summery makeup guide  (issue 12)

vegan cheese for cheese lovers  (issue 14)

hot hot heat: the rising trend of indie hot sauces (issue 16)

the anatomy of a compassionate closet  (issue 17)

closet cleanse: creating an ethical wardrobe  (issue 19: scaling back)

curating a conscious beauty bag  (issue 19: scaling back)

beauty 101: brighten your plate & palette  (issue 20: heading out)

our essential kitchen tools 

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chickpea magazine archives - book reviews

everyday happy herbivore by lindsay s. nixon  (issue 3)

the sexy vegan by brian l. patton  (issue 3)

sticky fingers’ sweets by moron petersan  (issue 3)

eat the city by robin schulman  (issue 5)

gluten-free & vegan bread by jennifer katzinger  (issue 5)

the vegan slow cooker by kathy hester  (issue 5)

happy herbivore abroad by lindsay s. nixon (issue 6)

real snacks by lara ferroni  (issue 6)

grow cook eat by willi galloway  (issue 6)

gluten-free & vegan pie by jennifer katzinger  (issue 8)

plum by makini howell  (issue 8)

vegan planet by robin robertson  (issue 11)

afro-vegan by bryant terry  (issue 11)

vegan secret supper by mérida anderson  (issue 11)

vegan chocolate by fran costigan  (issue 11)

straight from the earth by myra & marea goodman  (issue 11)

vedge by rich landau & kate jacoby  (issue 11)

isa does it by isa chandra moskowitz  (issue 11)

the oh she glows cookbook by angela liddon (issue 12)

the wild vegan cookbook by steve brill  (issue 12)

the new vegetarian cooking for everyone by deborah madison  (issue 12)

vegan ice cream by jeff rogers  (issue 12)

rawsome vegan baking by emily von euw  (issue 12)

vegetarian for a new generation by liana krissoff  (issue 13)

dirt candy: a cookbook by amanda cohen & ryan dunlavey  (issue 13)

rabbit food cookbook by beth a. barnett  (issue 13)

plant-powered for life by sharon palmer, RD  (issue 13)

happy hour at home by brian l. patton  (issue 13)

paleo vegan by ellen jaffe jones  (issue 13)

vibrant food by kimberley hasselbrink  (issue 13)

the homemade flour cookbook by erin alderson  (issue 13)

but I could never go vegan by kristy turner  (issue 14)

vegan holiday cooking from candle cafe  (issue 14)

vegan without borders by robin robertson  (issue 14)

choosing raw by gena hamshaw  (issue 14)

the lusty vegan by ayinde howell & zoe eisenberg  (issue 14)

at home in the whole foods kitchen by amy chaplin (issue 15)

salad samurai by terry hope romero  (issue 15)

thug kitchen by matt holloway & michelle davis  (issue 15)

green kitchen travels by david frenkiel & luise vindahl  (issue 15)

living candida free by ricki heller  (issue 15)

the forest feast by erin gleeson  (issue 15)

the everyday fermentation handbook by branden byers  (issue 15)

the homemade vegan pantry by miyoko schinner  (issue 16)

my new roots by sarah britton  (issue 16)

street vegan by adam sorbel  (issue 16)

the complete vegetarian cookbook by america’s test kitchen  (issue 16)

100 best juices, smoothies, and healthy snacks  (issue 16)

the sprouted kitchen bowl & spoon by sara & hugh forte  (issue 16)

a modern way to eat by anna jones (issue 17)

vegan richa’s indian kitchen by richa hingle  (issue 17)

food52 vegan by gena hamshaw  (issue 17)

inspiralized by ali maffucci  (issue 17)

near & far by heidi swanson  (issue 17)

guilt-free nice cream by margie broadhead

neighborhood by hetty mckinnon

pana chocolate: the recipes

yumuniverse: pantry to plate

smith & daughters, a cookbook

vegan goodness by jessica prescott

raw. vegan. not gross. by laura miller

the help yourself cookbook for kids by ruby roth

bowl by lukas volger

v is for vegan by kerstin rodgers

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