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The world can be overwhelming and scary and it's made us feel out of control. We wanted to DO something about it, something that would be helpful and hopefully comforting to everyone around us. In trying to come up with a creative solution, we realized that some of the best articles we've ever written are perfect for this weird lockdown experience all of us have been going through. 

So we're sharing this FREE special edition of the magazine. It's our all-time top favorite pieces about staying in - what you can do for yourself, for your home, and with food. Along with a few couple new pieces specific to what's happening right now.

It's a digital PDF issue at almost 200 pages, including over 20 articles and 80 recipes, complete with live links for easy navigation. We hope this issue gives you positive inspiration and practical tips for living at home right now.

~ cara & bob

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our 5 essential recipes for my success as a vegan | 27: identity

big-batch stews | 21: coming home

cooking beans & grains from scratch | 31: simple

our favorite super easy & quick meals & snacks | 19: scaling back

let's stay in: comforting takeout, easily made at home | 21: coming home

starting the day right: healthy, filling dead-simple breakfasts | 26: mindfulness

intuitive cooking | 22: connecting

getting back with your leftovers | 22: connecting


what is hygge, anyway? | 29: together

our updated guide to meal planning & prepping + weekly meal planner printable | staying in exclusive

combining simple ingredients for no-fuss meals & grocery getting + beginner shopping list printable | 31: simple

using up your pantry (and building it back up for what YOU like) + favorite meals worksheet | 31: simple

how to keep your space clean (without having to scrub every day) | 31: simple

café at home: recreate a cozy space to work or read in, at home | 21: coming home


quarantine self-care | staying in exclusive

cooking as ritual | 26: mindfulness

learning to disconnect | 19: scaling back

DIY bath: for gifting or for yourself | 21: coming home

where do you get your protein? | 22: connecting

decompression: using all five senses to get out of your head | 21: coming home

healing the relationship i have with my phone + tech brainstorming worksheet | 31: simple

10 ways to effortlessly drink more water | staying in exclusive

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