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Issue 19: Scaling Back

Issue 19: Scaling Back

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    • the space between veganism & minimalism
    • 3 ways to live a simpler, more sustainable life
    • table for one: the art of eating alone
    • considered consumption
    • a mother's lament: the elimination diet
    • reducing plastic, piece by piece
    • spring mathematics (via soups)
    • closet cleaning: creating an ethical wardrobe
    • composting & community
    • easy, no-thought meals for busy days
    • why it's okay to not have a vegetable garden
    • how to become a kitchen essentialist
    • creating a conscious beauty bag
    • resetting watches, resetting minds
    • learning to disconnect
    • the power of alone time
    • a simple herbal foray
    • create space

    Our fave savory recipe: minestrone w lentil 'meat'balls

    Our fave sweet recipe: floral almond pistachio milk

    Notable feature: why it's okay to not have a vegetable garden


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