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Issue 34: Vintage (For Stockists)

Issue 34: Vintage (For Stockists)

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A limited edition, high quality issue at over 120 pages that will last you for years to come. Perfect-bound, luxurious matte finish at 8.25x11". A wonderful ad-free, screen-free reading experience. 

This issue is printed on luxe 8.5x11" matte-finish paper, at ~100 pages perfect bound.

For stockists, use the code WHOLESALE2024 at checkout to get 50% off of 3 or more issues from our stockist collection (including this issue).


  • secondhand living: an essential guide to thrifting and not buying new
  • classic soups made modern
  • veganizing vintage baking recipes
  • functional beginner macrame projects
  • throwing a retro dinner party
  • vegan diner eats
  • essential sewing & mending tips
  • closed loop living: how to make every part of your life more sustainable
  • clothing swaps 101
  • working in a vintage kitchen
  • celebrating hand-me-down recipes
  • and more!

Our fave savory recipe: a veganized breakfast crunchwrap, need i say more?

Our fave sweet recipe: the peanut butter cookies & cream milkshake. sooo good. (this is a hard choice, because there are so many good sweets in this issue!)

Notable feature: a movie night sleepover - a full menu for late night watching, early morning comfort food breakfasts, and lots of movie night lineups for you to try in cold months.

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