Cozy Digital Collection


Want to get warm and cozy this season? Our cozy issue collection compiles our favorite issues that are all about home, connection, and indulging during colder months.

Issues included, along with our favorite articles from each one:

  • Issue 34: Vintage (nostalgia baking, movie night sleepover, retro dinner parties, vegan diner recipes)
  • Issue 32: Pause (food self-care for times of crisis, how to take a break, the renaissance of sourdough, binge watch eats)
  • Issue 29: Together (learning about hygge, recipes & ideas for every type of party, slow pancake sundays, polish christmas eve)
  • Issue 25: Family (cooking for an inter-dietary family, finding community through food, the easiest vegan holiday dinner ever)
  • our best-of issue, Staying In (all of our best articles, recipes, and inspiration for cold weather, lockdowns, and staying at home.)

Our digital issues are an ad-free, easily accessible reading experience. Includes bonus content not found anywhere else. Easy navigation & live links. You receive device-neutral PDF files immediately after purchasing.

Pre-orders for new issues are a necessity for us - without them, we wouldn't be able to pay our printer the large up-front costs of printing issues in bulk. They're great for you, too - you get a 20% discount on your issue total and you're guaranteed an issue in our small, limited runs of printing.

How do pre-orders work? We set up a dedicated pre-order time for about 2 weeks. At the end of that period,  we get the issues printed, which takes anywhere from 4-5 weeks. We then package everything up ourselves and send them out with lots of love, and packing tape.

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