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We'd love to be in your store! If you want to stock our magazines and/or posters, please contact us at to get see how we can make it happen. Hope to hear from you soon!

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About Us

We started out in 2010 as a small food blog that quickly gained traction for our DIY approach to vegan cooking and living. (And our photography and aesthetic!) We invited our readers to become our writers and put on a successful Kickstarter campaign that put us in the top 10 indie publication projects there. Since then, we've put out over 30 ad-free issues on travel, recipes, DIY projects, tips & guides to going vegan, and much more.

We have a good following on social media, and our customers are always asking us where they can find us in person.

  • Facebook: 13k followers
  • Instagram: 22.8k followers
  • Tumblr: 250k followers
  • Pinterest: 8.2k followers 

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    In Your Store

    Our products go well with food and cooking items, paper goods, hand-lettered well-designed products, other indie magazines, health-related goods, and high-end home lifestyle goods.

    Our issues do not include ANY advertisements, and since the beginning we've wanted to make something that lasts - so all of our issues are evergreen. We have a super long shelf life because our issues aren't like a regular magazine - it's more like a mix between a book and a quarterly, where you can go back to it again and again.

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    Issue Details

    Our issues are printed on recycled paper and have a thick, luxe matte texture and feel. Our content is 100% vegan and we actively look for & put out forward-thinking writing and imagery from independent creatives.

    Please check out our Stockist page to see what stores we're currently stocked in.

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    Ordering From Us

    We have a special online ordering portal that makes it super easy to stock us in your store. Email us at to get the link. :)

    All our issues are ready to ship, besides any that are in pre-order. Pre-ordering is super important because we only order enough printed copies to meet any orders we already have, whether it's a direct customer subscriber or a store. Our issues are very limited in stock, so be sure to pre-order if you want a guaranteed shipment.

    By being a wholesale account, you can access our wholesale pricing even if you want to just get 5 issues. You get a special extra discount for ordering through our online wholesale portal (which you can access through the link we send you!) and the discounts just get better as your order increases.

    Yes, we can accept NET orders on our online wholesale portal! Reach out to and we can arrange NET payments through our online shop. :)

    We accept exchanges of undamaged copies of the most recent issue - if you want to switch them out, please contact us whenever you need. If you have older issues please reach out anyway -- if it's an issue we've sold through we're probably interested in buying them back!