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Our magazine is all about unprocessed, honest food & writing. We want to elevate the look and feel of simple cooking & living through our words and vision. Chickpea aims to bring vegan food to all sorts of kitchens, and not make it about labels - we just want good food and good ideas & opinions.

We look for:

  • honest, open personal writing
  • easy, useful guides & tips
  • unprocessed recipes with a story behind them
  • DIY projects that enrich people's homes and lives
  • investigative articles on impactful subjects
  • engaging, genuine photo & illustrative stories

Topics we cover:

  • home life and gatherings
  • personal relationships
  • environmental activism
  • equality & compassion for all
  • animal rights advocacy
  • minimalism & sustainability
  • personal journeys & self care
  • and much more 

What we don't publish:

  • advertisements
  • news or press releases
  • promotions for businesses or public figures
  • health-related topics
  • non-fiction or poetry
  • processed ingredients
  • non-vegan ingredients or topics

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