Our Studio Tour!

Our Studio Tour!

chickpea magazine studio tour

We've been in this space now for about a year and a half, and have really made it our own. We just started out with a couple of desks, some makeshift work tables, and a sink and some dishes and grew it from there. We're planning to move in 2016, to combine our living & work spaces into one even better place for us to be - so I thought it'd be a good idea to show you all around before we start packing up. Hope you find our space inspiring and fun :)

This is the view as you first walk in. The best light is in the morning as the windows are East facing. This huge empty space is usually filled with open orders, deliveries, and event prep.

Where we keep the keys we need to get around the building :)

The big blank wall in this room is covered with press checks from our spring, summer, and fall 2014 issues.

This is the main shooting space, and where people gather during events. During magazine shoots, the whole area is filled with shoot setups and trays of ingredients.


This area is usually never photographed because it's such a huge mess! (It still is in the photos! haha.) This is where all of our daily shipping happens, so it's constantly in use and in motion.

We keep all of our back issues on these large shelving units we bought from an organization store closing sale. They're huge shelves, at least 10-12 feet high.

Underneath our makeshift work table (a slab of wood on two metal shelves) we keep all old packaging we can re-use into packing material for stockist orders. No bubble wrap waste necessary.

The top of our shipping table - we got these metal grids & hooks from the same store going-out-of-business sale.


Where we keep all of our shipping equipment, paperwork, poster stock, recipe card stock, and more.

Our shipping setup for everyday use. All of our mailers, inserts, and recent issues go here.


This is where I (Cara here!) get all of my work done. All of my cookbooks, magazines, art books, zines, current projects, equipment, and more go in this area.

 It might look messy, but it gets the job done every day.

Some of our cookbooks as well as all of my lettering sketchbooks, old sketchbooks, and materials that are held in a vintage tool chest.

My desk setup, along with some magazines and zines that inspire me.



This kitchen is our favorite place to be in our studio. We've eaten countless meals (including midnight meals while working late hours) in here, and have tested even more recipes. We have fun first Friday events in here, too. I get up super early to prep before morning shoots, and since it's East-facing, sometimes in the summer it can get so bright I have to wear sunglasses. It makes for a great place to shoot photos. If you want to learn more about how we organize this kitchen (or just want to see more photos) head to this blog post


The crude dishwashing setup. We don't have hot water or a dishwasher, so sometimes it can take hours to wash dishes from a shoot - but we make it work!

We sort all of our trash into recycling bins so we can either re-use or dispose of things properly.

This vintage cart not only holds all of our shooting fabrics, but works as another photo surface too.

Most of our dishes & cookware.

About a third of our pantry, including baking supplies.

So that's pretty much our space! If you have any questions as to where we got something, or more details on any photo, do let us know in the comments :)

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