Issue 23: Whole (Print)
Issue 23: Whole (Print) Issue 23: Whole (Print) Issue 23: Whole (Print) Issue 23: Whole (Print) Issue 23: Whole (Print)

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growing plants in a tiny space • mindful nourishment • the dirty dish on soap: a guide to making clean soap • farm to table: the question of impact & sustainability • the grain guardian • blind date with a grain • 3 ways to make your own clay pots • savory granola • salt meets cabbage: getting started with fermentation • how to grow & eat your own edible flowers • pump up the jam: nostalgic jam recipes • baking a life • secret vegan • grow your own kitchen


    Savory recipe: farro, mushroom, and grape salad

    Sweet recipe: the perfect vanilla bean cake

    Notable feature: the grain guardian - the story of a Lithuanian businessman who turned into a lover of a simpler life in his water-powered grain mill