Egg Replacer Poster Wholesale

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Not only will this poster look great in your customer's kitchen, but it's utilitarian, too! This is perfect for bakers, cooks, vegans, or vegetarians. (Or, that person who always runs out of ingredients, myself included!)

This poster features nine different substitutes, displayed visually and also giving you a little text to help you out. Each "recipe" includes measurements and usage.

The poster measures a standard 11"x14", which makes it super simple for framing, if your customer chooses to frame it. The poster is professionally printed on a super sturdy matte paper and comes with a protective backing & clear sealed sleeve. 

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How do pre-orders work? We set up a dedicated pre-order time for about 2 weeks. At the end of that period,  we get the issues printed, which takes anywhere from 4-5 weeks. We then package everything up ourselves and send them out with lots of love, and packing tape.

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