With all of the problems happening around us, we couldn't help but do something about it. This is what we're able to do right now, but we will be expanding our help throughout the year. It's really important to us that we give to the people who need it most in 2017.
give more print for charity


For every Give More print we sell, we will donate 100% of what you pay for it, minus shipping and taxes, to a charity each month. If you care to donate specifically to one of these charities in particular, please include that in your Buyer's Notes at checkout.

the Southern Poverty Law Center

Planned Parenthood

Mary's Place Refugee Outreach

Mercy for Animals

The Conservation Fund

If you have suggestions for good, reputable charities that make an impact, email your pick(s) to bob@chickpeamagazine.com. We're totally open to what you guys think is a great idea.


weekly meal planner


Another way we want to help encourage donations this year: donate to any charitable organization we've listed above and send us your receipt. (Screenshots, emails, photos - any way you can show us!) Email sales@chickpeamagazine.com with your receipt.
In return, we'll send you a free PDF of our weekly printable meal planner. This meal planner can be used digitally or in print, and really helps us plan out each week and saves us stress, time and money.



We'll be looking for more ways to keep extending our reach of giving back, all year long. This is just the start for us to help in any way we can. Thanks so much for coming along with us for this <3