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all about tofu - how to buy, prep, and cook a vegan staple how to make almond milk from scratch 


vegan chia pudding vegan buckwheat waffles vegan maple cookie butter granola vegan zucchini bread vegan blueberry banana muffins 

lunch & dinner

spring greens pizza vegan chickpea salad sandwiches asparagus pesto vegan spicy winter curry kale and orange salad fresh vegan lentil salad cheap vegan pho vegan fruit and nut salad with cashew cheese vegan rosemary garlic asparagus tart vegan summer curry vegan BLT with avocado garlic scape pesto - what to do with lots of garlic scapes 

snacks & appetizers

vibrant vegan dips and spreads fruit and nut mixes for snacking 


vegan carrot cake vegan chocolate cheesecake muffins vegan raw black cocoa cake vegan muddy buddies vegan avocado chocolate truffles vegan frozen chocolate peanut butter pretzel banana bites making amazing vegan banana ice cream (nice cream) vegan rose cashew cheesecake vegan tea cookies


vegan grasshopper cocktail vegan coconut chai tea latte easy vegan pimm's cup cocktail


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