Issue 18: Print
Issue 18: Print Issue 18: Print Issue 18: Print Issue 18: Print Issue 18: Print

A limited edition, high quality issue at nearly 100 pages that will last you for years to come. Perfect-bound, luxurious matte finish at 8.25x11". A wonderful ad-free, screen-free reading experience.

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What's in this issue

diy bath bombs & tea · toronto city guide · why we should cook at home · fresh winter produce cocktails · hosting a cookbook club · gingerbread shortbread · winter fun & portable snacks · falling for coconut · the only vegan at christmas dinner · mrs. kim’s superfood tea · wine pairing · 
discussing the right to food  · modern tea uses  · 
celebrating the solstice · and more!

    Our faves from this issue

    Savory recipe: the tomato pumpkin soup sprinkled with crunchy chickpeas

    Sweet recipe: the chocolate macaroon tart

    Notable feature: the winter solstice spread - going between DIY and recipe and overall thriving on a wintery night, this is a fun, sustainable gathering guide.