Issue 35: Everyday Vegan


This issue has been in the back of our minds for almost a decade now, and we're so proud and excited to share it. Think of this as our next-to-ultimate guide to veganism - but it's not just for people wanting to go vegan. If you've been at it for a while, it'll re-inspire you in the kitchen; if you're looking to be more plant-based, it's got lots of practical tips and recipes.

It's got 120+ pages, 17 articles, 55 recipes, and 3 new printables in total - it's just a (in our opinion) perfect resource whether you're vegan or not.


  • veganism 101: a decade's worth of tips on how to go and stay vegan for the long run
  • the essential plant-based pantry
  • learning to cook without a recipe
  • getting to know (and sharpen) your knife
  • nourishing vegan meals: keeping up with our health in the tastiest ways
  • getting over the fear of food: busting faux-health claims and our internal biases
  • vegan on a budget
  • (not boring) beans, our favorite vegan protein source
  • learning through baby steps (and easy substitutions)
  • playing with food: navigating lunchtime with bento
  • our big guide to dining out (and getting takeout) alone or with friends
  • our go-to desserts for every occasion
  • ultra-fast breakfasts for busy weeks
  • learning to save time & have fun in the kitchen
  • and more!

Our fave savory recipe: extremely crunchy tofu katsu w rice - the crunchiest, salty, soft-inside tofu that we inhaled during recipe testing.

Our fave sweet recipe: the instant golden milk latte mix - we've been drinking these every day while designing & editing!

Notable feature: 30 days, 30 dinners: recipe inspo so you never run out of weeknight meal ideas


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