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We love any excuse for a holiday, especially when it comes packaged with raising awareness of positive change - Earth Day included. But we also believe that these holidays should be jumping-off points or reasons to rally around a whole lifestyle of good actions. One day isn’t enough, in our opinions. 

So we compiled this list of articles from our issues that might inspire you or help you to do more for the environment on a daily basis. We know that these looks back at our archives help us rediscover features we may have forgotten, or if you’re new here it’s a good way to discover them for the first time. (These From The Archives posts also act as a sort of table of contents if you have a collection of our issues!) So enjoy, and we hope that you find these pieces helpful! :)


farm-to-table: the question of impact & sustainability (issue 23: whole)
making the most of your farmer’s market (issue 20: heading out)
3 ways to live a simpler, more sustainable life (issue 19: scaling back)
considered consumption (issue 19: scaling back)
reducing plastic, piece by piece (issue 19: scaling back)
closet cleanse: creating an ethical wardrobe (issue 19: scaling back)
curating a conscious beauty bag (issue 19: scaling back)
the anatomy of a compassionate closet (issue 17)
for the love of community-supported agriculture (issue 16)
eating wild (issue 13)
love thy farmer (issue 8)
food fight: us against monsanto (issue 3)
is vintage vegan? (issue 1)
unpackage: eating vegan without vegan products (issue 1)
my little balcony garden (issue 23: whole
grow your own kitchen (issue 23: whole)
grow one thing - greens (issue 20: heading out)
guerilla gardening, a guide (issue 20: heading out)
composting & community (issue 19: scaling back)
why it’s okay to not have a vegetable garden (issue 19: scaling back)
breaking frozen ground: how to prep for a veg garden (issue 11)
we grew this (issue 9)
urban farming in brooklyn (issue 4)
growing sprouts & microgreens (issue 3)
the homegrown food challenge (issue 2


diy projects
bath soak (issue 21: coming home)
face mist (issue 21: coming home)
rollerball perfume (issue 21: coming home)
clay mask (issue 21: coming home)
room spray (issue 21: coming home)
salt scrub (issue 21: coming home)
lip scrub (issue 21: coming home)
yoga mat spray (issue 21: coming home)
floral & fresh jojoba body oil (issue 19: scaling back)
flowery fizzy bath bombs (issue 18)
DIY bath tea (issue 18)
acne-fighting toner (issue 14)
healthy scalp dry shampoo (issue 14)
invigorating peppermint body scrub (issue 14)
vanilla & sweet orange deodorant (issue 12)
sweet scrubbery: diy sugar scrubs (issue 11)
diy candle holders (issue 9)
diy household cleaners (issue 7)
mindful nourishment through yoga (issue 23: whole)
decompression using the senses (issue 21: coming home)
tv to trails: how to effortlessly reconnect w nature (issue 20: heading out)
veganism & minimalism (issue 19: scaling back)
how to become a kitchen essentialist (issue 19: scaling back)
resetting watches, resetting minds (issue 19: scaling back)
learning to disconnect from technology (issue 19: scaling back)
create space (issue 19: scaling back)
a morning date with you (issue 13)


Happy reading & making!

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