How We Use Pinterest To Eat Better

how we use pinterest to eat (and live) better

visual searching

We use Pinterest whenever we need to search for something that might not have a lot of text keywords, or when we don’t care about the exact outcome. Say if we’re looking for fall salads, or vegan no bake desserts - Pinterest is the best place to find what we’re looking for, quickly.

collecting recipes

Even though we often make up our own recipes or are testing new recipes for the magazine, it’s so nice to have a bunch of vegan recipes you want to try - for those nights you just don’t know what to make. We use our vegan cookbook board as the source of inspiration for our weekly meal planning all the time.


We constantly find super inspiring, beautiful-looking recipes (or tutorials) that might not be vegan - but that’s an amazing chance to create something new that doesn’t include animal products. We have a board just for this situation - an excuse to get create in the kitchen and try something new. In general, though, we love going to Pinterest in general to get inspired to get in the kitchen more.


Pinterest is a really easy place to collect DIYs or general tips we want to try out, and luckily there are so many of them out there. Here’s our board for happy vegan living.

our favorite pinners

These are the people who I repin from most often - they’re just a good mix of helpful and beautiful.

Laura of The First Mess - whole foods recipes & major inspiration

Izy Hossack of Top With Cinnamon - food of all kinds

Tashina Combs of Logical Harmony - a vegan beauty blogger with a great mix of pins

Good Food Collective - the CSA program we use all year also has an amazing Pinterest account - each board is a different ingredient & how to use it, super useful for meal planning.

Kathy Patalsky of Healthy Happy Life - a vegan blogger we’ve followed for years - and her recipes really are amazing.

Who are we missing out on following on Pinterest? We’d love to know who you like and how you use Pinterest for making your life easier and more beautiful <3