How To Make Cooking Fun Again

how to make cooking fun again

As we’re in the process of moving and are in kind of a transitional state, our weekly schedule of cooking and eating has been completely disrupted. We both have a really hard time getting excited about cooking, or even grocery shopping - something we always look forward to doing. I’ve dealt with this once before, after we first started our original blog many years ago. I was cooking big meals every day, and getting so much criticism from our posts that I couldn’t bring myself to care about food whatsoever for months. But these steps below helped me get over my blocks with making and enjoying food - and if you’re feeling jaded about cooking too, you might find it helps you too.

have a dinner party

Give yourself any reason to celebrate, and invite people over. It’ll give you a chance to pull out your favorite dishware, create a little menu, and build a little hype into what could’ve been a boring, everyday kind of meal.

challenge yourself

New ingredients, new recipes, new techniques - there are so many ways to bring new life into your routine. Learn how to pickle, or how to make ice cream from scratch, or try to make pizza crust out of cauliflower. Whatever you do, make it new and challenging. Find something that excites you and pledge to do it right.

explore more

Find new places to get ingredients (farmer markets, international grocery stores, etc.) not only do they help you learn more about your neighborhood, gauge price points, and expose you to new ingredients, the visual of a row of farmer’s market stalls is always so inspiring.

clean (and organize) your kitchen

Maybe the dingy kitchen is bringing you down. A quick cleaning, a weekend re-organizing, or a little paint job will make a huge difference in how you see your cooking space. Even some fresh flowers help!

make a menu & meal prep

Meal prep Sundays are fun with some music & empty containers to fill! And it’ll set you up for a week of success, making it easier (and less of a boring chore) to cook during the week. If you’ve never given yourself this structure before, it can really shift your perspective on cooking and eating. (Or are you an over-planner? Head to the store without a list and pick out what you like, then let the week come day by day.)

join a CSA or online meal plan

Dive into something new and let others do some work for you. We love CSAs because they force us to cook in a certain way, getting us out of our comfort zones. Or, if you’re new to cooking and don’t see the appeal of it but want to eat better, try out a guided meal plan. Both help get you back on track!

get inspired

Watch amazing youtube channels, scroll through great pinterest accounts, start following gorgeous food feeds on instagram. And absolutely nothing inspires me more than having Martha or Ina on in the background of my day - keep a cooking show on in the background while you prep to keep you inspired.


Have you ever gone through this lackluster attitude toward cooking? How did you/are you coping with it? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it below :)