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our editorial direction

Lately, we’ve been obsessed with refining our process and thinking about impact. We don’t just want to be a pretty face in an instagram photo. There are millions of those saturating the internet. We want to make an impact with all that we do - from our design to our photos to our words and our mission.

With that in mind, we’re looking to make a slight shift in how we publish. In 2016, we’ll be creating more focused, in-depth issues dedicated to single subjects. We want to go deeper and provide more knowledge and value for the people who know and love us. We want our issues to be a valuable reference, a source for inspiration, and most importantly, something that will make an impact on people’s everyday lives. We want you to try the tips we give, the diy projects, the recipes - because they’ve changed our lives and think they’re fun and build purpose into what we’re doing and consuming. We want to include what inspires us, what gives us real knowledge, and what prompts us to take action.

This is all especially important when it comes to print. When we print material, we want to know that it will be around for years. We don’t want to waste paper, or shipping expenses, or not give you the biggest impact that we can in our print pages. Your bookshelves are precious, and we want to make the most of our space on them.

Even though we’ve always thought of Chickpea as a hybrid of many types of publications, our quarterly issues are heading more in the direction of a book, without the constraints or slow timeline of a traditional publisher. We’re only expanding what we’re covering in the next year and beyond - and we’re so excited to explore deeper, in an equally beautiful way. Our blog will be expanded and filled with posts from many contributors, and our magazine will be focused and something you can come back to time and time again.

So, what exactly are we looking for in 2016? We’ve created loose guidelines/suggestions for each issue, including the theme of each to show how we plan to make an impact in the next year. You can see our schedule for 2016 here!

We’re so excited to start working on the issues (and the blog) this year! If you’re looking to work with us, please send your ideas to the appropriate form on our contributor page - we’re really looking forward to reading them :)

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