We rely on YOUR submissions to fill our magazine. Want to see more personal stories? More drink recipes? 

The direction of this magazine is up to YOU - so be a part of it!

chickpea magazine submissions


100% original work.

your submission has to be made by you, and it can’t be copied directly or in any part from someone other by you.

seasonally-relevant work. 

those pieces that work well with the upcoming season are accepted more easily. good proposals that don't fit the season may be pushed to a future issue.

unique or eye-catching work.

your personal touch makes a big difference, and unique stories or articles will sometimes take precedence over seasonal stories just because they’re so awesome.

vegan content.

stories & articles can be about anything related to veganism, vegetarianism, and even omnivorism, but all products, recipes, and websites/books must be 100% vegan.



As our publication grows, our application process has gotten extremely competitive, so keep in mind that we just can’t fit everyone in. We wrote a short helpful guide on submitting, if you want some tips. If you have previously submitted art/photo proposals, we have them on file and will email you in the future with more specifics. 

The deadline for Spring 2016 proposals is February 1st, 2016.  

KEEP IN MIND: We do not feature products, websites, or any other kind of promotional advertising in our issues. Any "proposal" that reads like a PR pitch will be deleted, so don't waste your (and our) time here, please!



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photographers & illustrators

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Your Name
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