We rely on YOUR submissions to fill our magazine. Want to see more personal stories? More drink recipes?

The direction of this magazine is up to YOU - so be a part of it!




100% original work.

your submission has to be made by you, and it can’t be copied directly or in any part from someone other by you.

seasonally-relevant work. 

those pieces that work well with the upcoming season are accepted more easily. good proposals that don't fit the season may be pushed to a future issue.

unique or eye-catching work.

your personal touch makes a big difference, and unique stories or articles will sometimes take precedence over seasonal stories just because they’re so awesome.

vegan content.

stories & articles can be about anything related to veganism, vegetarianism, and even omnivorism, but all products, recipes, and websites/books must be 100% vegan.


submission types



these can be as involved as you like, two pages or ten pages. they can range from political exposés to academic research to just any interesting topic.


these are super fun! they can relate to food, home, bath, garden, and much more. be imaginative 8)


we love personal stories relating to veganism. currently we're looking for nonfiction only. 


these are our most popular submissions, so make sure yours is unique and relevant to the season if you want it to be accepted.


books & websites

if you’re a part of a publishing company, feel free to contact us about reviews.

city/tour guides

if you live in a vegan metropolis, and would like to share your experience & reviews, we’d love to have them. photos are required for this category. 


we like a vintage, indie style of photography, with subtle color shifts and minimal composition. Photography features are highly competitive and we only choose submissions that are 100% perfect for us. (NO HDR.)


artwork & illustration

if you have existing work or want to create something new for an issue, let us know! we can give you a variety of articles to choose from to illustrate, or we’ll work with your portfolio to find what would work best.




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As our publication grows, our application process has gotten extremely competitive, so keep in mind that we just can’t fit everyone in. Hot tip: we look for focused, well-thought-out, seasonally appropriate content.

If you have previously submitted art/photo proposals, we have them on file and will email you in the future with more specifics. 


The Fall 2014 proposal deadline is July 1st, 2014.