Every quarter we showcase our favorite things in the vegan world at the moment, whether it’s a personal story, a new book, a killer recipe, or a photo story that captures the essence of the season at hand. 



After starting our blog hipsterfood in 2010, we wanted to create something that could include all of our colleagues and great readers. 

We get all of our content from our online community, and strive to showcase great features from people of all backgrounds and skill levels.


We think magazines shouldn't be jam-packed full of ads, or exist solely to promote products from huge corporations. 

We run a limited number of ads from reputable companies in our free online preview - but all paid versions, whether print or digital, will always be ad-free. 

whole foods

We proudly promote a whole-foods, plant based DIY way of life, something anyone can try, even if they're not vegan or vegetarian.

Our magazine's content is 100% vegan.

high quality

Our print copies are printed & bound in small runs, on heavy duty paper that will last you years to come. 

Digital copies include extra bonus content found nowhere else, and are great to read on your computer or mobile device.

chickpea magazine